Glamour at the Durban July

From the first day we arrived in Johannesburg, we were told that the Durban July was the most glamorous event of the year and we simply múst go there.

The Vodacom Durban July is a race horsing and fashion event that takes place each year in Durban.  I don’t know anything about race horsing, or fashion, but I do like parties so my hubby B got us tickets and  I bought me a big colourful hat and booked that flight to warm and sunny Durban.

It definitely was a fun day. The good news is that I won quite a lot of money betting on horses I knew nothing about. It’ s like picking a nail colour, if you can’t decide you just pick the name you like (“over the taupe” or “pinking of you”). So yo start betting on horses named “Trophy wife” or “Saint Tropez”. I lost money on the big important race only because I received a loss tip from a Joburg friend, although it is very unlikely I would have put my money on “The Conglomerate”, the horse that eventually won the biggie. So far about the horses.

The fashion part, I completely missed. The mysterious theme “Leader of the Pack” was beyond my comprehension. Call me stupid, but it wasn’t until we arrived at the venue and I noticed all the playing card (queen of hearts, king of diamond) attributes that I realized that could be an interpretation of this theme. There were loads of fashion shows, but somehow I was always eating and drinking somewhere when these were taking place.

The weather was actually pretty bad for Durban. It was cold and windy, and all the ladies had to hold on to their their hats when going outside to watch the horses. So most people would just go quickly on the deck, cheer on their horse and go back inside and continue sipping champagne.

Was it glamorous? Well, I don’t know really. But the  TV coverage certainly made it LOOK very glamourous and lots of people looked very swanky. For me, it was a fun party even though I didn’t recognise any celebrities. Note to self: catch up on your E! South Africa

Best: lots of good hats and bets

Worst: the wind!!


The Vodacom Durban July

Glamour impression of the event:


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