Saturday Morning: Hipster Market

The Neighborhoods Market is a great Saturday morning ‘activity’. (I use ironic hyphens because this ‘activity’ consists  mostly of eating and drinking). The hipster culture has taken over the world and authentic (ahem)  food markets with locally produced foods have appeared in London, Amsterdam, New York and Capetown & Johannesburg. And they all kinda look the same, don’ t they? Lot’s of bearded youngsters and a lot of signs using the words “craft” and “artisan” in handwriting fonts and old fashioned packaging.

But still,  the food is slightly different everywhere, and what the markets have in common is the quality, fresh produce and lots of enthusiasm (or ‘passion’ as it is called nowadays).  The Neighborhoods Market has a slight Pan-African feel to it, which is nice but you can also taste paella, dim sum, and balkan burgers. But what is really lovely to see, especially in this country, is the diversity of its visitors!

The market is set up every Saturday morning from 9.00-15.00 in one of Braamfontein‘s older buildings, 73 Juta Street. It tends to get very busy and there is live music as well.

Whilst you are there, don’t miss the beautiful 15-story wall mural by artist Eduardo Villa!

Check it out here: Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg



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