Hi, I’m Ilse and  I live in Johannesburg, South Africa together with my husband B. We moved here from Amsterdam in April 2016 and I have loved it here from the very first day. Our stay in South Africa will most likely be very short, so I am determined to make the most out of the limited time we have to explore this beautiful country and its people.

Back in Europe, I used to work in marketing and advertising but here my status is “trailing spouse”, since I don’t have a proper visa of my own. So I am using this time as an African sabbatical, making sure we do and see as much as possible. This means, blindly follow-up on every single tip from (local) friends who are in the know, go out to dinner and events a LOT and  try to get out of our comfortable expat bubble once in a while.  Many of our friends come and visit us and I arrange and book all kinds of fun trips for them.

On these pages, I share many of the places we have visited and the stuff we have done in and out of the beautiful, vibrant city of Johannesburg.

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